All You Can Eat Ticket

Buy this ticket once, and you can come to all the shows you can handle in the Little Andromeda during July and August! Scroll past the terms and conditions to purchase.

Please note if you have an existing Feb/Mar/Apr ticket, we have already transferred your “lost COVID time” to this ticket, and you can just go ahead and use your existing code without needing to purchase a new one.

Terms, Conditions, Instructions and general boring stuff you should read

  1. This All You Can Eat Ticket (AYCET) season pass entitles the named person to book themselves a seat at any show at Little Andromeda for the dates within the named valid season, should seats at the show not already be sold out.
  2. When you book online or at the box office, you just need to present your surname and code at checkout.
  3. Keep your code to yourself. If a burglar gets hold of it, let us know so we can cancel and reissue.
  4. Theoretically you could use it to come to every single show (and we’d give you a medal!) but if you book a show you just need to actually turn up, and have ID with you. Easy.
  5. You have to turn up to the show you booked. If your ticket doesn’t get scanned in and ID’d to you more than once, we reserve the right to cancel your AYCET or move it to manual booking. It’d be sad to see your seat empty in the audience while we turn other people away.
  6. BUT if you are sick and/or can’t attend a show you booked, that’s different, just call us as soon as you can so we can release your ticket. Easy.
  7. Although an AYCET will grant you access to most events, we reserve the right to make any event a “non-AYCET” event in which case tickets must be purchased separately. This is just covering our bums a bit in case we get some out-of-the-ordinary events, and it won’t apply to any “standard” Little Andromeda show.
  8. If you have any issues using your AYCET code, just give us a call/message.
  9. The maximum responsibility Andromeda Arts Trust Board can accept is a refund on the price you paid. The artists performing at Little Andromeda have no responsibility for any issue with the AYCET service.
  10. All You Can Eat Tickets is just a fun title referring to getting a seat in a show and has nothing to do with food.
  11. We appreciate your patience as the system isn’t entirely perfect (we’re working on it!) but any issues, hit up hello@littleandromeda.co.nz and we will sort it as soon as possible!

Thanks so much for getting an AYCET! We can’t wait to see you here… lots!