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Before Karma Gets Us

Liv Parker • Tess Sullivan • Ari Osborne

Michail Clinkler and his assistants, Russlan and Ludmiller, make their South Island debut, with their sell-out magical extravaganza! Featuring renowned and unique acts such as: The Two-Legged Woman, Eyes on the King, The Placid Duck and many, many more. This is a raucous performance undertaken by three unlikely clowns that mash together old stage magic and sketch comedy. Prepare to encounter the strange and the wonderful in a variety show supreme!

Before Karma Gets Us proves that in order to make something very silly you have to be very smart” – Theatrescenes 2019.

Comedy Family Theatre

28th Oct 2021 - 30th Oct 2021

Thu 28 Oct, 7:00pm
Fri 29 Oct, 7:00pm
Sat 30 Oct, 7:00pm

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