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Ray Shipley

Emma Cusdin and Ray Shipley love breakfast television but they have always thought that they could do a better job. So, this is their big chance.

In front of this live studio audience Ray and Emma are pulling together a pilot for their show spurred on by live feedback from a tv executive producer. Weather, sport, musical performance, they do it all to varying degrees of success leaning heavily on the humour that makes them two of Christchurch’s most beloved comedians.

Silly, frantic, and funny, “Brunch” takes dinner theatre and moves it forward about 7 hours.

Order your brunch now with the ticket for just $15 and help Craft stock up nicely, else order on the day for $17 and that’s just fine too. Vegan Breakfast Burrito

Beans, Jackfruit, Scrambled Tofu, Avacado, Tomato Salsa

Breakfast Burrito
Bacon, Chorizo, Beans, Fried Egg, Cheese, Tomato Salsa

French Toast Sandwich
Caramelised Banana, Maple Syrup, Streaky Bacon

Comedy Theatre

15th Aug 2020 - 16th Aug 2020

Sat 15 Aug, 11:00am
Sun 16 Aug, 11:00am

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