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Act Switch – Caterpillars


ANNOUNCEMENT: ACT SWITCH! Circotica under unforeseen circumstances are unable to perform on Tuesday, however, magician Logan Kitney is stepping in to entertain your little ones so you won’t be without your Tuesday afternoon holiday entertainment!!

In a magical world of flitting butterflies, jumping eggs, and giant swaying flowers, two lycra-clad clown puppeteers try their hardest to remain unseen and at service to their puppets: two enormous plump Caterpillars. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, with nothing but their wits to cover up escalating blunders, the hapless puppeteers take upbeat absurdity, slapstick and silliness to new heights, but, get grounded hilariously in reality.

This show is created and directing by internationally renown Canterbury lad: Thom Monckton, and has been loved by audiences worldwide. A collaboration with Circotica (Christchurch) and Kallo Collective (Finland).

Best Production – Theatre – Auckland Fringe 2015

Best Costume – Auckland Fringe 2015

Most recently replaced production – Little Andromeda 2018

Comedy Theatre Youth

Tue 09 Oct

Photo of two caterpillars onstage

Please note this event is over