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Circles: A Poem Performance Object

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According to his dad, Josiah’s poetry is “inappropriate for public consumption.” So, you’re invited to come and consume Josiah’s poetry in public. Take that, dad.

In the months after nationwide lockdown in 2020, Josiah Morgan wrote a cinematic odyssey of queer neuroses and destruction in the form of his book Circles. It’s about drugs, bodies, and the chaos of the outside world. Performed live for the first time as a work of performance art, Circles is poetry like you’ve never seen it.
“Morgan’s work is energizing, animated by a vital and authentic voice, threaded with both coldly ironic observation and real despair.”

– Mike Thorn, author of Darkest Hours


– Evan Isoline, author of Philosophy of the Sky

“I read your poem and got really worried for a bit because I thought you were dying!”

– Josiah’s mum

Poetry Speaking Theatre Word

16th Jun 2021

Wed 16 Jun, 7:00pm

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