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Brynley Stent and Eli Matthewson

Can two exes put their differences aside to make a killer comedy show?

It’s been a decade since the real-life break-up of Brynley Stent (Jono and Ben, Funny Girls, Work Do) and Eli Matthewson (The Male Gayz, 7 Days, Snort) but they’re reuniting, and they promise they’re going to work together in a mature and respectful way. Watch as they bring about a comedy show of unbridled joy, propelled by the kind of magnetic chemistry that can only exist between past lovers, one of whom is now gay. Don’t worry about them fighting, they’re honestly SO FINE now.

No show in 2019 will have more sexual tension than this.

“It is a tribute to the performers’ obvious friendship and strong grasp of the concept, especially in their willingness to expose such a deeply personal and complicated part of themselves, that Exes emerges as the perfect balance between silly farce and honest dialogue.” – Theatrescenes

Comedy Theatre

15th Nov 2019 - 16th Nov 2019

Fri 15 Nov, 7:00pm
Sat 16 Nov, 7:00pm

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