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It’s Not A Gymnasium

Patch Lambert

“It’s Not A Gymnasium” finds 2017 Billy-T Nominee Patch Lambert scouring every surface of his upbringing to figure out what makes him special – all delivered to you with effervescent charm, sharp wit and a touch of silliness.

Growing up as part of a ridiculously large extended family, Patch was certain of only three things: that he was the weakest of his 60 cousins, the living room was not a gymnasium, and that he was the main character in a story about good Vs. Evil.

Sadly, his hero’s calling never came, and he is now a dad being summoned to Kindergarten to discuss his kids penchant for pushing other kids. As he navigates the trials and tribulations of every day life, he remains convinced that the start of his hero’s journey is just around the corner. Unlike his childhood living room, this show is not a gymnasium… Instead it’s a compendium of all things Patch: hilarious, unassuming and slightly unkempt.


16th Jul 2021 - 17th Jul 2021

Fri 16 Jul, 8:30pm
Sat 17 Jul, 8:30pm

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