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Let’s Talk About THE SANTA CLAUSE Trilogy – Live Podcast Recording

Cult Popture

Come on down to Little Andromeda and celebrate the festive season with the Cult Popture podcast, as we discuss Tim Allen’s THE SANTA CLAUSE trilogy.

Hosted by the Cult Popture boys Richard Martin and Alexander Jones, with special guest Brendonn Bennetts from Scared Scriptless and The Nerd Degree podcast, the show will feature in depth discussions around all 3 films in the classic (?) Christmas trilogy. Do they still hold up? Were they ever good? Did anyone even see the third film? We’ll be talking nostalgia, behind-the-scenes trivia, and how we’d continue the franchise in 2019! So bring your sequel ideas and you can join in on this part too!

You don’t have to have seen the films recently (or at all) to enjoy the show, nor do you have to have heard the Cult Popture podcast before. Whether you’re a long time fan, or you’ve never heard of us, this show is for you!

Tickets are $5!

R13 event because there might be swears


16th Dec 2019

16/12/2019 7:30pm

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