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Mentorship Marathon

Two Productions

Fasten your seatbelts, hang onto your hat, buckle your boots and gather your g-strings, The Two Productions Mentorship Marathon is coming and it’s going to be a night to remember! A whole evening dedicated to performances by local emerging artists, there is something on for everyone. Come see a whole variety of genres, performers and styles, and get a sense of what the vibrant, diverse and brave theatre of Christchurch will be in the future!

Wear something warm, come early, grab some food and settle in to enjoy the evening!

One ticket. 5 Shows. $10.

CIRCULAR – A two man show packed with comedy, drama, circus music, friendship and romance. It will sweep you off your feet, put you back on them and walk you out of Little Andromeda into the New Zealand wilderness.

KEV AND JONESY – A blast from the past with these two rugby fanatics ready to rip roar and rumble.

A HOT MESS (The Un-Abridged Radio Play) (Now with Visuals!) – Two young actors bring to you the comedy love child of Saturday Night Live, Monty Python, Insert Title Here, and Brittany Spears (circa 2009)

OH SUBSTANCE – Time is dripping away, and no one knows why. While a scientist stands on the verge of discovery, Sisyphus is busy pushing his boulder, and a little boy is left looking at the moon, wondering where the world has gone.

I AM A COMPLETE AND UTTER WRECK (R16!) – One woman’s stories of love, disaster and everything in between. “I get stuck in a lot of awkward things, my boyfriend being one of them.”


Sun 14 Oct

Please note this event is over

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