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MOA Love Letters

Naomi Sioux

MOA Love Letters is Dance Dub Poet Naomi Sioux’s ( ANAM CARA to Aotearoa. This collection of 8 Poems tells the tale of a One Womxn Whalerider carried on the wings of Aroha from her Te Arawa IWI (Ngati Tiano). This totally original heritage tale is that of a British Caribbean Windrush Descendent in exile steering you through her Love Canoe,traversing 13 countries in 13 moons across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans . Hold on tight to your MOA experience, Flow, as a Flock in Migration to Live and Love, anew in the Little Andromeda on the 5th June 2021.

Cabaret Dance Poetry Speaking Theatre Word

5th Jun 2021

Sat 5 Jun, 8:30pm

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