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Nerd Degree: Star Wars Spectacular

Nerd Degree

Slice open your Tauntauns and get comfortable, because Nerd Degree returns with our semi-annual STAR WARS SPECTACULAR!

Do or do not. There is no try. So no pressure there for the nerds to answer all of our mind melting questions about the Star Wars universe. Who can tell their Bith from their Bothans, their Rodians from their Rancors, and their Gungans from their Gundarks (this is a crucial distinction), their Wampas from their Womp Rats, their Mandalorians from their Midichlorians…the list goes on!

Nerd Degree is a live comedy panel show performed and recorded for podcast in front of a live audience.


18th Dec 2019

Wed 18 Dec, 9:00pm

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