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NZ Playhouse

NZ Playhouse presents its 23rd kids show production: Rumpelstiltskin.

Get ready to laugh (your kids will too, we promise!)

Mary Miller has a big problem! Thanks to her father’s fantastic fibs Prince Horace believes she can spin straw into gold. And when a pampered, privileged prince addicted to precious metals demands gold the consequences of not delivering are dire.

Being locked up forever in the castle tower with only a cantankerous spinning wheel for company is the last straw. Mary is ready to give up hope until one night she receives a visit from a strange little man with an even stranger name who says he can solve all her problems… for a price.

We’re experimenting with Adult tickets being a bit cheaper… we know you’ll enjoy it as much as your kids but we think it’s time for you to get the “concession” price, eh? You’re also very welcome to come without kids if you can’t find some to bring – a lot of people do! 🙂

Comedy Family Theatre

20th Jul 2021 - 24th Jul 2021

Sat 24 Jul, 11:00am
Thu 22 Jul, 11:00am
Fri 23 Jul, 11:00am
Fri 23 Jul, 1:00pm
Thu 22 Jul, 1:00pm

Tue 20 Jul, 11:00am
[Ages 5-12]

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