Chapter One Take Two: Dune (1984)

by Maddy & Briana McZant

The delightful podcasters Maddy McZant (Let's Feel Happy), Briana McZant (Hers & Hers Towels), Brendon Bennetts (Dungeons & Comedians), and Ciarán Searle (The Rift Drifter) are here to get you excited for the 2021 release of DUNE.

Chapter One: Take Two hosts a live episode to celebrate and discuss the 1984 David Lynch film Dune based off the 1965 science-fiction novel by Frank Herbet. What better way could there be to get pumped for the2021 release?

Chapter One: Take Two is a fortnightly podcast run by Maddy and Briana McZant that covers book to film adaptation reviews. In this episode we will be joined by the talented Court Jesters; Brendon Bennetts and CiaránSearle.

Brendon Bennetts & Ciarán Searle can be found on the podcast Dungeons & Comedians which hosts regular live shows at Little Andromeda.

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Tue 21 Sep, 7:00pm


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