David Correos & Taylor Ruddle: The New Material Tour

by Notorious Management

What do David (Taskmaster NZ, Comedy Gala, Laughs Unleased) and Taylor like? They like springtime and comedy baby! We can’t think of a better way to make that happen that a massive wee stand-up comedy tour of the South Island! David and Taylor are embracing the rebirth of spring, by taking their newest jokes out on the road and you get the chance to see them sprouting their freshest ideas. It’s a brand-new material tour! Straight up, some of these jokes might go the way of a lamb in a blizzard, but went you get to see the genesis of what will be a full grown gorgeous joke – it’s bloody inspiring.

Come and laugh off the winter and see David and Taylor as they get their jokes shredded for the summer.

Event Details

Sat 21 Oct, 8:30pm


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