Dungeons & Comedians

Join Dungeon Master Brendon Bennetts and a team of daring comedians as they roll dice, slay orcs, and shoot magic missiles with varying degrees of competence. This show is a critical hit.

Each episode can be enjoyed on it's own, or you can follow the whole quest by listening to the podcast or watching the previous episodes on youtube.

"A masterful, hilarious, and genuinely moving piece of collaborative storytelling and world-building." -The Pantograph Punch

Event Details

Sun 14 Aug–Fri 9 Dec, various times


Performance Times

  • Sun 25 Sep, 6:00pm - On Sale
  • Fri 28 Oct, 7:00pm - On Sale
  • Sat 19 Nov, 7:00pm - On Sale
  • Fri 9 Dec, 7:00pm - On Sale