Hot Singles in your Area

by Patch Lambert

Welcome to your 30’s, where dating is tough and being single is hot garbage. While your friends are all shacked up, you’re desperately searching the internet for love at 2am.

Fortunately, 2017 Billy T Nominee Patch Lambert is here to explore the do's, don't and maybes of navigating love and life after 30.

Whether you're on a first date ,a couple looking for an escape or are simply worried about what the big 3-0 has in store for you, this show guarantees HOT SINGLES in your area**

**Hot, single jokes in the area of an hour

“... such a genuine charisma that you leave not only with sore cheeks from all the laughter, but with a sense that he is now a good friend” - Art Murmurs

Billy T nominee 2017, NZICF

Breakthrough Comedian 2016, NZ Comedy Guild Awards

Event Details

Fri 26–Sat 27 Jul, 7:00pm


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Performance Times

  • Fri 26 Jul, 7:00pm - On Sale
  • Sat 27 Jul, 7:00pm - On Sale