I Can Not Give Hugs

by Merlia de Ridder, Chloe Robertson and Lucy Sparks

After experiencing the painful loss of a loved one, Cassidy finds herself desperate for connection, but without the ability to seek it. In a world where AI is indistinguishable from humans, the tailor making of companions has made that connection available without the need to ever leave the house. Which then begs the question, what creates human connection? And furthermore, is it really a connection when one side is programmed to obey your every command? ‘I Can Not Give Hugs’ is an exploration of the ethics behind manufactured relationships, and just how far society is willing to go to avoid genuine, turbulent human interaction.

‘I Can Not Give Hugs’ is a new theatre piece created by recent NASDA graduates and theatre trio Merlia de Ridder, Lucy Sparks, and Chloe Robertson. The show was not made with the intention of commenting on the advancing AI technology surrounding us. The trio just like robots. However, you are encouraged to make connections between the show and the real world, draw your own conclusions, and please, give someone a hug.

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Thu 23–Sat 25 Nov, 7:00pm


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