Lit Fuse

by Meegwai Productions

Who lights the fuse?

An author with an unfinished story.

An audience full of expectations.

The Unicorn, "a magnificent improviser and storyteller", is ready to facilitate between the two with a mix of gin and charm.

All our stories are born from things we hear and see, people we meet and the connections we make. What if we all get together in the same room, and with a bit of coaxing, we create something never to be enjoyed by anyone but us?

Every show an author arrives with a half completedstory ready to submit to The Unicorn and his audience. Can the creator sit back and hope the embers catch? Can the listeners spark off one another to create?

We're all in the room, let's start a fire!

Event Details

Fri 5–Sat 6 Nov, 7:00pm


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Performance Times

  • Fri 5 Nov, 7:00pm - On Sale
  • Sat 6 Nov, 7:00pm - On Sale