by Haydon Dickie

Lydia is an average young girl when she's killed in a tragic accident. Now at her funeral, she is reminded of all the people who influenced her in her short life as she hears from them one last time before she passes on.

Both the good and bad of her past will be relived through those who knew her best. Balancing witty humor with a serious message, this show aims to make you take a closer look at those in your life and to enjoy them while you can. Because once we're gone, all we'll have are the memories

Starring: Isayah Snow, Ricky Townsend and Katie Atkins

Written/Directed by: Haydon Dickie

This show is approximately 40 minutes long.


This show contains detailed depictions of grief and loss of loved ones. It also contains depictions of assault.

Event Details

Sat 2–Sun 3 Jul, 7:00pm


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Performance Times

  • Sat 2 Jul, 7:00pm - Session Limited Tix Left
  • Sun 3 Jul, 7:00pm - On Sale