The Sweet Sweet Nothings

Frankie Daly, Jessie Shanks (The Eastern), Tess Liautaud

The Sweet Sweet Nothings was born out of a shared love for songs, worn and true, of whiled away hours, singin’, tea drinking, whiskey drinking, fingerpicking, key thumping, often laughing, always searching, sometimes going down deep, brushing with melancholy, and finding harmony in the spaces between.

Frankie Daly, Jessie Shanks and Tess Liautaud are songwriters with singular voices and their own unique approach to their craft, yet together they weave a sound as old the hills, a little bit sage, a touch playful and full to the brim with heart.

This winter The Sweet Sweet Nothings will bring their collection of songs and yarns to real live audiences for the very first time with a string of intimate shows around their home turf. Come see them cut their teeth on stage, layering guitar, banjo, accordion, piano and of course their voices in an evening of song; some of them never before heard live, some of them well grooved and reimagined, most of them self-penned bar a few ballads written by their heroes and thrown in for good measure.

Event Details

Wed 21 Sep, 7:00pm


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Performance Times

  • Wed 21 Sep, 7:00pm - On Sale