Treasure Island

by New Zealand Playhouse

adapted by Gregory Cooper

New Zealand Playhouse is pleased to bring their New Zealand and Australia tour of Treasure Island back to home town Ōtautahi to have a final party, I mean, performance, at Little Andromeda!

Please note that we've decided to just go ahead with the 7pm session with no matinee.

This is a children's show, and as such, the content is well suitable for ages 5-12 (as well as adults) and we'd love you to bring your kids! This is also our only chance in the year to do the show for the public (rather than schools) so it means we can show our adult friends what we've been up to! The bar will be open. So - again, please don't hesitate to bring your kids if you have kids (the show is for them, after all!) but we'll also be encouraging the adults to join in shouting "he's behind you!" and "Ah harrr!"


Pirates! Parrots! Peglegs!

What more could you want in a rollicking tale of high adventure on the high seas?

Oh yes, of course… buried treasure! And lots of it!

When a cantankerous old sailor named Billy Bones comes to stay at her mum’s inn, young Ginevra Hawkins, ‘Ginny’ to her good friends and ‘Gin’ to her best friends, knows something strange is afoot. Why does he make her keep a lookout for, “a one-legged seafaring man” and why is he so paranoid about a “black spot”?

Surrounded by a dubious crew of dodgy double-crossers, Ginny must use all her wits to avoid the plank and put some ‘pieces of eight’ in the bank.

Event Details

Sat 4 Nov, 7:00pm

$15 (or CWYP)

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