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Soft Carnage

Brynley Stent

Off the back of her bizarre and charming show Filthy Little Goblin, Brynley is back, with more absurd sketches and situations that make you laugh and wince at the same time. Soft Carnage is about stealing free samples, dropping your phone on your face while lying in bed and dealing with emotional stuff through the tried-and-true medium of making jokes! Because people like jokes but people don’t like crying.

Soft Carnage is a macabre, silly sketch comedy and mime show.

As seen on Taskmaster NZ, Jono & Ben and Golden Boy.

Comedy Theatre

13th Apr 2021 - 17th Apr 2021

Tue 13 Apr, 7:00pm
Wed 14 Apr, 7:00pm
Thu 15 Apr, 7:00pm
Fri 16 Apr, 7:00pm
Sat 17 Apr, 7:00pm

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