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The Boy with Wings

Birdlife Productions

Using exquisite
handcrafted sets and puppets, comedy, storytelling and original songs, ‘The Boy
with Wings’ is an epic fable of one young man’s life-altering journey following
only the compass of his spirit, set against the backdrop of a natural miracle
that is the great migration of the Kuaka/Bar-tailed Godwits.

A comic, touching, educational and environmental story that links
New Zealand to the rest of the world via the epic journey of bird migration,
asking the question: how do we
listen and trust our inner map? How do we find our own wings?

Currently on
tour around New Zealand schools and festivals, this work is resonating with
both children and adults alike! Suitable for
ages 5 to 95!

Family Music Theatre

17th Jul 2021 - 17th Jul 2021

Sat 17 Jul, 11:00am
Sat 17 Jul, 2:00pm

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