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The Cool Mum – Jo Ghastly’s Guide to Parenting

Jo Ghastly

The show is a parody of a celebrity parenting seminar –

* Warning-
Laughter- do not try this at home*

Jo Ghastly’s expertise comes from being a self-
proclaimed “Cool Mum”

Jo has created a life coaching/ personal development
empire- on every social media platform, including Tik Tok and has books,
Youtube channel and merch

Her empire is much less successful than she thinks it

Get cooler – The Jo Ghastly way !

For parents-

Move over Nigel Latta- Jo Ghastly is here to tell you where you are going wrong with
your parenting- She will help you become the COOL PARENT you have always dreamed
of being!

For younger people-
(non- parents)

Help guide your parents into being the cool parent you
know they can be

Prepare for your own future parenting experience with
pre-pregnancy cool parent training

Validate your choice to never have children

For old people-(older
than Jo)

Be filled with regret that this parenting seminar
wasn’t around in your day- but you are OK Boomer x- you can tell your kids
what’s wrong with their parenting!

The show is recommended R13- mild adult

25% ticket price going to Women’s Refuge

Comedy Theatre

3rd Jul 2020

Fri 3 Jul, 7:30pm
[Recommended R13]

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