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The F Word

Tatjana T

It’s the dirty word no-one wants to use…

Why is this word still surrounded by so much stigma in 2021? Can you still be considered a feminist if you shave your armpits or wear lipstick? What does being a feminist these days even look like? And is ANYONE immune to receiving unsolicited dick pics?

Join Tatjana T accompanied by her powerful girl-band for a one-woman cabaret filled with power ballads, original music, comedy and confusion as she explores the nuance of what it means to be a modern-day ‘F word’.

Presented as part of a Masters of Creative Practice with Ara Institute of Cantebury. Tickets are minimum $5 donation or Koha (gift) of your choice.

Mature Themes.
Trigger Warnings: sexual harassment, misogyny, swearing, sexual themes

Cabaret Comedy> Development Music Theatre

25th Mar 2021
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Thu 25 Mar, 7:00pm
[M (swearing, sexual themes, trigger warnings)]

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