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Jo Ghastly

Transitions is a comedy show about the lighter side of life’s changes, challenges and awkward moments.

Transitions finds the laughter in parenting, gender, menopause and embarrassing times of life. Jo, Shen and Rosie will make you laugh while talking about their life transitions and hilarious true* stories.

Rosie Muir is a Christchurch based comedian. She makes observations about life as a transgender woman, genitals, and the absurdities of the day-to-day.

Rosie won Best Joke in 2018, as well as placing 3rd equal in the 2019 Raw Comedy competition and 2nd equal in the 2019 Comedy Competition, so you can see that she’s a true believer in equality.

A veteran of the Christchurch comedy scene, and 2018 Chch Pun Battle Winner, Shen is a lovable rogue. Beloved by grandmothers, and a favourite of dentists and perverts, he delights in embarrassing true stories, and is ashamed of how much he talks about his mother.

Jo Ghastly is Christchurch Comedy’s coolest Mum. She placed 3rd in The South Island RAW Comedy final 2018 and has twice been comedy Roast Battle Champion. Comedy provides welcome relief from peri-menopausal mood swings and the traumas of parenting teenagers. 2019 Comedy Carnival Spirit of the Fringe.

* Stories may contain embellishments.


9th Nov 2019

Sat 9 Nov, 7:00pm

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