One Dollar Genre Short Films of 2023

Come and watch all 8 short films One Dollar Genre produced in 2023!

Wed 28 Feb, 7:00pm

False Idol

by Andy Manning

When God isn't gay enough for you, you have to take matters into your own hands.

Fri 1 Mar, 7:00pm

Late Night Poetry Hour

by Ray Shipley

Late night poetry jam

First Friday of the Month, 9:00pm


by PHUCK Entertainment

Get PHUCK'd is part stand up, part game show, all chaos, and genuinely impossible for us to truly describe in a brief text based description.

Sat 2 Mar, 8:30pm

Dungeons & Comedians

Courageous comedians play D&D live onstage.

First Sunday of the Month, 6:00pm

Guy Montgomery W.I.P.

Guy Montgomery Tries Stand Up Comedy

Sun 10 Mar, 7:00pm

Guy Williams: This Glass House Makes it Easy to See All the Cowards I'm Throwing Stones At

Award winning comedian Guy Williams is back with a new hour of comedy!

Thu 25 Jan–Tue 19 Mar, various times


by Oh That Theatre Company!

Tartare Sauce and trauma dumping

Thu 21–Sat 23 Mar, 7:00pm

Perfuct Storm

Three of Aotearoa's best and most experienced improvisors ask the audience one question and then turn it into non-stop theatrical comedy gold.

Thu 15 Feb–Sat 23 Mar, 7:00pm


by Wright&Grainger

Internationally award-winning "masters of storytelling" return to NZ with a soaring myth adaptation about little things that leave big marks.

Thu 11–Sat 13 Apr, 7:00pm

James Mustapic: You Mustapicked The Wrong Guy To Mess With

James Mustapic is back with a brand new show, all about the people he's messed with over the years!

Thu 18–Sat 20 Apr, 8:30pm

Double Goer

by Foster Group Dance

Two striking similar women dance to destroy each other.

Fri 26–Sat 27 Apr, 7:00pm

Pus Goose - Work in Progress

by Brynley Stent

Come help award-winning comedian Brynley Stent defeat her biggest nightmare live on stage!

Fri 26–Sat 27 Apr, 8:30pm

The Brothers Rapture - A Holy Hip-Hop Cabaret

by Corey M. Glamuzina

​Witness the rise and fall rap ballad of Diarmuid Foley and Shay O'Dea, two unconventional Irish priests who go from being community sex educators to becoming international rap gods – guided by their strict superior, Sister Riona Murphy.

Thu 23–Sat 25 May, 7:00pm

FWB: Friends With Boundaries

by Regan Taylor and Leona Revell

Follow two newly single forty-somethings as they navigate the world of dating apps, with their gory, hori and glory stories.

Thu 30 May–Sat 1 Jun, 7:00pm


by Chelsea McRae

THERAPY is a one-woman musical show which centres around Chelsea’s story as she visits a therapist, laughs about intrusive thoughts, talks serial killer obsessions and addresses an experience she's avoided for too long.

Fri 31 May–Sat 1 Jun, 8:30pm