If you've got a disability, we really hope we can make your time here as awesome and relaxed as possible. Below this information is a brief registration form that we'd love you to fill out – you say what show/s you're coming to and it will alert our ushers on the day to make sure the place is ready for you. Easy..

Where to Park:

The easiest place is probably The Terrace carpark next door (92 Hereford Street). It's $4/hour but there are accessibility parks right by the lifts. The lifts drop you into the courtyard behind the theatre. You'll see Little Fiddle. To the right are some stairs heading to the theatre, use them if you can climb stairs. To the left of Little Fiddle is a laneway going to a lobby with an elevator that takes you up to the theatre.

Reserving a seat:

The main doors to the theatre go straight onto the stage, and the raked seating goes back from that. So if you're in a wheelchair, it's really easy – we just remove a couple of seats in the front row and reserve other seats around it. If you're in a tall wheelchair (or really don't want a front row seat!), we remove a block from the second row and you can back into that.

Accessible toilet:

There's a door going into the standard toilets – still go through there but instead of turning left or straight, head to the right, down the corridor, into the office building lobby and you'll find a really good accessible toilet. The corridor doors are always pinned open before, during and after shows so just follow your nose.

Easy exit seats:

There are three options here. If you've been to the theatre before, you'll know the main entrance is via the stage(!) But we can actually sit you on the other end of the stage where there's an alternative exit door that, basically, goes into the toilet area, and another one upstairs by the tech booth which has an easy subtle exit through the staff area.

The bar:

There are low coffee tables, medium height picnic tables and high bar leaners. If you're in a wheelchair and planning on hanging out at the bar before or after the show, we'd love to reserve you one of the picnic tables as they're the most comfortable to roll up to :-) Just let us know via the form below so we can get the reserved signs on before able bodied people commandeer them!

When it comes to ordering drinks, the bar is 1m high on the right side and has a second serving area on the left side that is 80cm high.


The front door is unfortunately hand operated (our plan is to eventually replace the front entrance when we get the money etc). However it's a lovely 1.06m wide. The door to the toilet area is 87cm wide. The main entrance into the theatre is a glorious 1.7m wide and you won't need to operate that unless you're trying to leave during a show.

Companion seats:

If you are bringing a carer that wouldn't be coming to the theatre other than because they're required to assist you, then we're more than happy to spot their tickets so you don't have to pay double. Just click the "contact me about a companion seat" box below.

Anything else?

We want you to just relax, feel at home here, and enjoy the whole experience. So if there's anything you'd like to check before you come, don't hesitate to call me on 021 223 6693 and I'm more than happy to answer questions and make sure everything is set for you to have a great night! We're also always really grateful for feedback if you notice anything else we can do to make your night more comfortable and enjoyable.

Ready to let us know? Fill out the form below, or click HERE if it hasn't loaded below!