Updated 3 Jun 2022

Here's how we're doing things at the moment in Orange Light.

--> In the theatre area, please wear a mask at all times, only briefly removing to take a sip of a drink. This is to make the people around you feel safe and confident. We do enforce this in the theatre area, but please feel free to do as you choose with your mask in the bar area (before/after the show). We have masks on tap if you need one.
--> We love it when you get to the theatre a bit early to help us prevent that classic bottleneck of a queue at the bar at two-minutes-to-showtime :-) our bar is open two hours before the first show, so you can never be too early.

If you are at all unwell or have any symptoms– please stay home. As always just email us and we’ll refund you in full. Simply email

We are no longer checking vaccine passes.