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Little A is a creative theatre and like every other creative theatre in the country, there isn't really a stand-alone business case to be made. This isn’t about scale or quality of work. There is no professional theatre in the country that is not subsidised.

Our beautiful country has both passionate audiences, and skilled, talented makers of theatre. What it doesn’t have is the population size to offset the costs of making theatre via large scale attendance.

We just don’t have enough people.

As a theatre that is too small to work on economies of scale, and only partners with shows that meet our programming criteria we rely on funding, sponsorship, and donations to meet the shortfall in our operational costs and keep bringing over 300 live performances per year to Ōtautahi by local and national artists.

All up, we need to raise about $250,000 per year on top of our general ticket and bar income. This is to pay the rent on our spectacularly-convenient, central-city location, and the living wages of a tiny team of multi-skill, multi-role administrators who keep the shows coming in and the place ticking over…

…and run our artist development programme… and provide a technician to every show free of charge… and make our space available to the arts community for meetings, workshops, and rehearsals… and regularly provide free or koha training, upskilling, or information sharing events to artists… and keep pushing ourselves to make the Andromeda experience as accessible and equitable as possible… and… and… and…

…and, at the moment we are well shy of this figure and could really do with some help to keep the theatre open.

You’ll have seen the headlines. Government funding of the arts is a mess. Creative New Zealand has acknowledged it has dropped the ball and is in the process of slowly rebuilding its systems from the ground up.

We regularly apply for CNZ funding and are consistently told that our applications are worthy, high value for tax-payer dollar, and well thought out - but there is no money available for us.

You’re on a ‘help us’ page on a theatre website, let’s be realistic, you’ve probably directly experienced it yourself!

And, unless you’ve just had a significant lottery win, it’s unlikely that you as an individual are in a place to make a personal donation that will make a significant dent in that number.

But, you can still help us…

  • You might work for a large corporate organisation looking to associate itself with cool, fun stuff
  • You might know someone who is interested in the arts and philanthropy.
  • You - or a friend - might need to offset a ridiculous upcoming tax bill with a massive charitable donation.
  • Your father-in-law might be Mr. Moneybags from Monopoly.

We know that, as a general rule, our audiences and artists aren’t rich. We wear that as a badge of honour - we’re keeping it real, yo! - and it’s our pleasure and purpose to be presenting quality shows that are accessible and within reach of everybody.

But, you might know someone. And, if you’d be willing to facilitate an introduction, we can make it worth their while.

We've got 14,000 customers a year that we can put a brand in front of and we're spectacularly good at entertaining staff and clients (ask us how!)

Want your name on a chair? What about a bar? What about every piece of collateral the theatre produces? We have options available.

So, if you want to talk about getting into bed with us, or you’d like to introduce us to someone we should get in bed with, give Michael a call on 021 223 6693 or an email to

We’re hunting big fish, but if you just want to make a simple personal donation, thank you so much. Every small amount is genuinely appreciated and does help out.

Our bank account is

Andromeda Arts Trust

You can email and we'd be happy to issue you a receipt - because we're a charity, you can claim a third of your donation back at the end of the tax year.

We want to keep Little Andromeda operating for years to come, bringing accessible arts to everyone in a cool, creative, central location.

Don’t be shy.

Let us know if you can help us out.